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Professional Carpet Cleaning Norwich

Extend the life of your carpet with a professional dry-cleaning service in Norwich. Carpets receive a lot of foot traffic, which presses dirt and debris into the fibres and padding underneath. Vacuuming alone will not remove deep-set dirt.
As people or pets walk over the carpet, allergens and small particles are released into the air. Without proper cleaning, your carpets may increase the severity of allergies and respiratory issues.

A thoroughly cleaned carpet also looks better! If you want to keep your carpet in top shape, learn more about our affordable carpet cleaning Norwich service.

Effective Dry-Cleaning Process for Carpets

The equipment and processes for dry-cleaning carpets have evolved during our decades of service. We ensure that your carpet receives the latest, most effective techniques for lifting dirt and debris and protecting the fibres of your carpet. Our cleaning process typically starts with the removal of surface dirt and debris. We vacuum up the big particles of dirt before using our specialised equipment to remove deep-set debris and odours.

After removing the surface dirt, we apply dry cleaning products. The cleaning products seep into the carpet fibres and help break down dirt and stubborn stains. A small amount of water is used to aid cleaning products. We then vacuum up the particles, leaving your carpet looking and smelling like new.


Why Use a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

Just vacuuming your carpets will not fully clean them. You need to have them professionally cleaned from time to time.

Some homeowners choose to rent or buy steam cleaners or deep cleaners for their carpeting. These methods involve unnecessary amounts of water, which may take hours or days to fully dry. Without the right techniques and equipment, some of the water may remain, increasing the risk of bacterial growth and damage to the flooring underneath.

Here are some of the reasons to choose a professional carpet cleaning Norwich instead of renting a steam cleaner:

  • Remove dirt and allergens
  • Protect the fibres of your carpet
  • Eliminate pet stains and odours
  • Get rid of the toughest stains
  • Refresh the look of your carpet

Our carpet cleaning Norwich service is the most effective way to maintain the condition of your carpets. Consider using our professional cleaning service for your carpets at least once or twice per year for the best results.

Protect Your Carpet and Family with Carpet Cleaning in Norwich

carpet cleaning

Cleaning your carpets helps lift dirt and allergens that can increase the risk of symptoms related to asthma or respiratory issues. By keeping your carpets clean, you protect your family and guests from potentially harmful particles. You also restore the life of your carpet. After using our carpet cleaning Norwich service, you may be able to hold off on replacing your carpet for years to come.
Here is a closer look at how our professional services can benefit you, your family, and your carpet.

Remove Dirt and Allergens

A carpet provides the perfect environment for dust mites, dust, dirt, and other particles. Even if you vacuum daily, dirt and debris slowly pass through the fibres and into the padding underneath where it remains trapped.
Every time someone walks across the carpet, their footsteps cause small particles to become airborne. People with asthma, allergies, or respiratory issues may experience more severe symptoms in a room with dirty carpet. Along with frequent vacuuming, you should use professional carpet cleaning to reduce the presence of allergens.

Protect the Fibres of Your Carpet

Vacuuming is a necessary chore, but it slowly wears the carpet fibres. For deep cleaning, many homeowners try using a steam cleaner. Our dry carpet cleaning provides a safer option. Steam cleaners use a rotating brush, vacuum, and hot water. The combination of harsh chemicals and powerful brushes can weaken carpet fibres. It also involves a much longer drying time. Moving your furniture back into the room prematurely may cause further damage.

With our process of carpet cleaning Norwich, you can move everything back in quickly. You also get a more thorough cleaning method that involves less agitation of the carpet fibres.

Eliminate Pet Stains and Odours

Even a well-behaved cat or dog can leave stains, odours, and general mess in the carpet. Pet urine is especially difficult to remove and notorious for leaving an unpleasant odour.

As with stains from spilt wine or tea, you have multiple options for removing pet stains. You can purchase a stain removal product, which typically requires you to scrub or blot the carpet with a liquid cleaner. You could also use a steam cleaner. Both options are likely to cause unnecessary damage. We use the latest dry-cleaning compounds for the safe removal of pet stains and odours. Our cleaning agent breaks down the remnants of pet urine and dirt, allowing them to come out of the carpet without leaving any residue behind.

Get Rid of the Toughest Stains

Spills and tracked-in dirt can ruin the look of your carpet. Using store-bought stain removal products may remove some of the stains. However, it also tends to press substances further into the fibres, causing the stain to lighten but spread.

Steam cleaning may get rid of some tough stains, but the excessive use of water and agitation can damage your carpet, padding, and subflooring. Dry carpet cleaning is the most effective solution for removing tough stains, as our equipment can safely remove stains that household cleaners and steam cleaning cannot combat.

Restore the Look of Your Carpet

Removing dirt, stains, and odours can breathe new life into your carpets. Dry cleaning is a very low moisture (VLM) solution. It removes dirt, oils, and allergens in less time and with less effort. You are left with fresh-looking carpet. Areas that were once compressed may regain their tuft and texture.

If you have been thinking about replacing your carpet, try our dry-cleaning service first. You may be amazed by the results. Instead of dealing with the hassle and cost of carpet replacement, you can extend the life of your carpet and save the money for another project.
Explore our carpet cleaning process in more detail below.

Removal of Surface Dirt and Debris

Before applying cleaning products, we need to remove as much dirt and debris as we can. We use commercial vacuums that provide much stronger suction power compared to the average household vacuum. This allows us to remove deeply set dirt and dust.

After vacuuming, we may apply a pretreatment. Pretreatments are conditioners or detergents that help break down the binding between soils and carpet fibres. The conditioner or detergent remains in place for about 15 minutes.

Application of Dry-Cleaning Products

Most dry carpet cleaning methods involve the use of an absorbent cleaning compound that breaks soils and stains down further, making them easier to remove. The compound is 98% biodegradable and safe for use in residential properties.

The dry-cleaning compound needs to be scrubbed into the carpet. When treating a large area, we use a bonnet with a specialised, absorbent spin pad. The bonnet helps agitate the fibres and cleaning compound for deeper penetration.

The bonnet requires the use of water or liquid cleaning solutions. It is not a strictly dry-cleaning method, but it involves less water compared to steam cleaning. In most cases, the carpet is dry within a few hours.

Extracting the Cleaning Products

The last step in cleaning your carpet is vacuuming up the cleaning products. We use a commercial vacuum or a hot water extraction machine to lift all the dirt, allergens, and stains from the carpet. After completing these steps, your carpet should look, feel, and smell like new.

Dry Cleaning Is Safer and Faster Compared to Steam Cleaning

As with dry cleaning for clothing, a small amount of liquid cleaning product is used to allow the cleaning agent to penetrate the fibres. However, unlike steam cleaning, the carpet is not thoroughly saturated in water, which can damage the padding underneath and potentially leak through to the subfloor.

Dry carpet cleaning Norwich offers a safer option for your carpets, as only a minimal amount of liquid is used. This also helps shorten the time needed for your carpet to dry before you can move the furniture back in. If you choose to steam clean your carpets, you may need to wait days to use the room. Dry cleaning is faster and more efficient, allowing you to get back to your normal routine.

Reliable Carpet Cleaning in Norwich

Choose a specialised cleaning service to maintain your carpeting. We offer over 50 years of experience in the area, ensuring that you receive exceptional service. When you choose us for carpet cleaning Norwich, you benefit from the following:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Affordable carpet cleaning rates
  • Convenient scheduling
  • Friendly, experienced cleaners

We use a thorough process to clean and protect your carpeting. With professional carpet cleaning NorwichNorfolk, you improve the durability of the carpet and remove allergens, helping to create a safer environment.

Carpets should last ten years or longer with proper care. If you want to extend the life of your carpet, schedule a professional cleaning at least once or twice per year. We offer competitive rates and friendly service in Norwich and Suffolk. Save money and your carpets. Call us today to schedule carpet cleaning services.

Reliable Carpet Cleaning

Smart Image carpet cleaners use a thorough process to clean and protect your carpeting. With professional carpet cleaning, you improve the durability of the carpet.

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