Suede and Leather Cleaning Norwich

Suede and Leather Cleaning

Suede and Leather Cleaning Norwich

Avoid damaging your suede or leather clothing or furniture. Use professional suede and leather cleaning Norwich to properly care for these specialised fabrics.

Suede and leather require specialised cleaning methods to prevent damage. Throwing your leather jacket in with the rest of your laundry may cause it to shrink, crack, or fade. If you want to keep your expensive leather items around for longer, explore the features of our professional cleaning services.


Advantages of Professional Cleaning for Suede and Leather

Leather and suede have unique characteristics. Manufacturers also tend to use special dyeing techniques to give leather and suede different colours or appearances. Due to these features, leather and suede require different cleaning methods compared to your cotton or polyester clothing.

Hiring a professional is a safer, more efficient solution, thanks to these advantages:

  • Remove stains and dirt without causing damage
  • Protect against future damage with leather waxing
  • Uncover signs of damage before they worsen
  • Avoid the hassle of cleaning leather at home

Consumer cleaning products are available for leather and suede items. However, without previous experience dealing with the special characteristics of leather, you may cause more damage.

Process of Leather Cleaning Norwich

Our suede and leather cleaning process remove dirt and stains without harming the fibres of the materials. We use the right cleaning solutions and equipment to lift dirt and remove stains, keeping your leather looking its best.

Along with suede and leather cleaning Norwich, we offer a leather waxing service. Waxing can help protect leather against cracking and other damage. We use various oils and dyes that restore leather or suede while repelling water and liquids to protect against stains.

Our leather and suede cleaning process starts with a thorough inspection of your garments. We look for missing buttons, stuck zippers, loose threads, and other issues that impact the appearance of your items. In many cases, we can handle the repairs in-house, helping you avoid the need to replace valuable leather clothing.

Efficient and Affordable Suede and Leather Cleaning in Norwich

leather cleaning

If you are looking for a local suede and leather cleaning service in Norwich, look no further. We are the premier choice for professional cleaning in the region, with over 50 years of experience and the following benefits:

  • We carefully inspect your items before cleaning them
  • Only use the best methods for leather cleaning Norwich
  • We offer a leather waxing service for additional protection
  • Our service provider in both Norfolk and Suffolk
  • Offer a FREE pickup and drop-off service
  • We give you affordable rates for leather cleaning

Professional Suede and Leather Cleaners

Our experienced and skilled staff ensure that your leather articles of clothing are properly cared for. We understand how to deal with leather and suede, carefully removing stains, dirt, and debris.

A professional service may extend the life of your expensive leather coats, pants, shoes, and other items. We also provide convenient pricing and scheduling. You can even arrange to have your items picked up and dropped off at no additional charge.

Call us to set up a pickup time and location for your suede or leather items!

Leather waxing services

We provide dry cleaning and laundry service Norwich. Our cleaners will remove marks and stains, and help keep the leather soft and supple. We also offer commercial laundry, domestic laundry, clothes alterations, and shoe repairs services.

Other services we offer:

In addition to this, we also offer ironing and pressing servicesContact us for more information.


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