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Clothes Alterations

Clothes Alterations Norwich, Norfolk

Breath new life into old clothes with professional alterations Norfolk. Long sleeves or pant legs, missing buttons, or loose-fitting clothes can leave you feeling a little uncomfortable. Smart Image clothes alterations Norwich can alter your old suits, dresses, shirts, and pants to give them a better fit or to refresh your style.

We offer skilled alterations for extending the use of your clothing, helping you save time and money. Contact us to learn more or take a closer look at our alteration services.


Basic to Complex Alterations for Any Clothes

If your clothes are too loose or too snug, a few basic alterations may solve the problem. We have experience dealing with all types of issues related to proper fit and clothing maintenance. Some of our most common clothes alterations include:

  • Trouser leg length shortening
  • Shirt sleeve shortening
  • Jacket sleeve length shortening
  • Hemline adjustment
  • Adjusting the length of jackets
  • Bringing in or opening the torso on a jacket
  • Bringing in or opening a pair of trousers
  • Mending coat or jacket linings
  • Taking the seat of the pants in or out
  • Zipper or button replacement

The process for alterations varies depending on your needs. However, we typically start by evaluating the problem and taking measurements. We also need to ensure that the alterations are worthwhile.

In some cases, clothes alterations or repairs may not solve the issue. For example, a large hole or long tears in the middle of the fabric may make your clothes unsalvageable.

Luckily, we can address almost any issue that you bring us. We frequently adjust the lengths of trousers, shirts, jackets, and dresses. We can also help open the torso of a jacket or the legs in your trousers if they are too snug. If your clothes are too loose, we can typically bring in the fabric.

Most clothes alterations Norwich involves the removal or addition of fabric to adjust the size and fit. However, we can also make minor alterations to adjust the overall style of the garment. For example, you may choose to replace the buttons or collar on a jacket or shirt.

Clothing Alterations Services

clothes alterations

We work with a wide range of fabrics. Whether you need alterations to your denim pants, polyester dinner jacket, or cotton shirt, we have the experience and equipment needed to deliver quality results. We can also dry clean and repair your clothes, depending on their condition and types of fabrics.

Shorten or Lengthen Hems, Sleeves, and Cuffs

Shortening and lengthening hems, sleeves, and cuffs are a few of the most common alterations. If your sleeves hang below your hands, we can shorten them to ensure that they fit as they should.

Replace or Repair Jacket Linings or Buttons

We have experience mending jacket and coat linings when they become ripped or worn. Along with damage to the lining, an old jacket or coat may have missing buttons or fraying threads. We can complete the repairs to restore items to their original condition.

Take Fabric in or Out to Adjust the Overall Fit

By taking in some of the fabric, your favorite dress can fit the contour of your body. We can also take in the sides on jackets and shirts for better fits. You may also find that old clothes are now too tight. In some cases, we can take out the sides of the fabric to loosen the overall fit.

Benefits of Clothes Alterations in Norwich, Norfolk

Simple clothes alterations can go a long way toward making a good impression and boosting your confidence. If you feel uncomfortable in your clothes, explore some of the advantages of clothes alterations Norwich services:

  • A good fit looks better
  • Alterations provide value
  • You can update stale styles
  • Expand your wardrobe
  • You will save time and energy
  • Also, reduce your carbon footprint

Good fitting clothes simply look better, no matter your size, age, or personal style. If your clothes are too tight, you may feel constricted or that your clothes will burst at any time. If your clothes are too loose, you may feel as if they can slide off.

A proper fit accentuates your positive features and helps mask less-than-flattering ones. Men especially are prone to buying clothes that are too large. A baggy suit or jacket presents an unprofessional, unkempt image. Our alterations help you get the perfect fit, allowing you to get more use out of your articles of clothing.

Clothes alterations provide significant value. As we charge affordable rates, you can refurbish slightly worn items or ill-fitting items at a fraction of the price compared to buying new clothes.

Instead of tossing out old clothes, you can continue to expand your wardrobe. This gives you more variety for finding the perfect attire for any occasion. It also can continually improve your wardrobe and even update old styles with new touches such as zipper replacements or new jacket linings.

You save time and energy by avoiding the need to shop and try on clothes. Most people dread looking for new clothes. You may find that you have gone up a few sizes or that none of the new styles match your preferences. With our professional alterations, you can keep your favorite items around longer and avoid browsing clothing racks in the store.

Altering your clothes instead of buying new ones also helps reduce your carbon footprint. You contribute less to the manufacturing of new clothes, allowing you to do your part to protect the environment.

Reliable Alterations in Norfolk

To enjoy the benefits of clothes alterations, you need to find the right local business. For more than 50 years, we have provided high-quality alterations to residents in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Along with our long history serving the community, we deliver the following advantages:

We offer a complete range of alterations services and a variety of ways to make the process more convenient. You can visit our location and discuss your needs or contact us to have your alterations picked up and delivered to your home or business. Our pickup and drop-off services are completely free and flexible, accommodating your busy schedule.

Smart Image Dry Cleaners provide clothes alterationsshoe repairsdry cleaningrug cleaningcarpet cleaning, and more. We can also help repair or alter your clothing to give you the perfect fit. The next step is to contact us. Take advantage of our services in Norwich, Norfolk. Contact us today on 01603766692 to find out more.

Get hold of us today to schedule your clothes alterations NorwichNorfolk!

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In addition to alterations, we also provide customised dry cleaning and leather restorationGet in touch with us today, we serve customers across Norfolk.

Other services we offer:

We also offer other cleaning services at great prices. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


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