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Protect the health of your feet with reliable shoe repairs Norwich. We offer a wide range of repair services for men’s and women’s shoes. The condition of your shoes can have a major impact on your well-being. A worn heel can affect your posture and increase the risk of lower back pain. Your shoes may also become uncomfortable due to wear and tear, leaving you with sore feet at the end of the day.

If your shoes are worn, damaged, or broken, contact us for reliable shoe repair. Compared to buying a new pair, repairing your shoes can save money. You also avoid the hassle of needing to try on multiple pairs to find the right replacement.

Explore Best Local Shoe Repair Services

We offer a convenient and affordable option for keeping your shoes clean, functional, and wearable. Explore the best local shoe repairs Norwich services.

Proper footwear is important for supporting your feet and shielding them from rough terrain. As your shoes become worn, they become less functional. You may start to notice that your feet ache after a long day at work. Ignoring these issues only increases the risk of long-term health problems.

Minor damage can also ruin the appearance of an expensive pair of shoes. If you want to make a good impression during an interview or when meeting a client, it helps to present yourself in the right light. Do not let worn-out shoes detract from your professional image.

Women’s Heel Tip Replacement

You can now relieve yourself of clatter from a broken heel tip, just leave it with us and we will repair the original heel and enhance the look and comfort of your shoe whilst protecting the heel block from damage.

Why not replace your plastic heel tips with Smart Image Italian made rubber heel tips. This will aid your stability and help keep you from slipping on wet surfaces. Our rubber heel tips also provide extra comfort and cushioning while reducing the noise of each footstep. Let us take care of your shoes, come in-store or why not arrange a free collection. We cover all areas around Norwich.

Anti-Slip Rubber Soles

You can now benefit from having our anti-slip quality rubber sole to your favorite shoes. This will reduce the chance of slipping. We have various soles and colours available to match a variety of shoes and boots.

Stitching & Patching

At Smart Image shoe repairs Norwich, once your shoes are received, we will run a thorough assessment and ascertain the best way to get your shoes in good order. Careful Stitching is used to repair any tears and rips to the body or seams while patching can also to carried out should there be serious damage to your shoes by replacing leather.

Professional Stitching & Patching Service

We will repair all types of shoes that have worn away or come apart from the soles. This can often be repaired by adding a piece of leather stitching the piece. Where stitching is not required, we can apply our hard-wearing special glue to ensure your shoes will last you a very long time. Regular checks of stitching and patching can extend the form, body, and life of the shoe. For optimal results, do NOT leave these shoe repairs for too long.


If your shoes feel tight or are too small, or you are experiencing soreness of toes, maybe it is time for your shoes to be stretched and this could answer to wearing those shoes again and feeling the comfort you have always wanted.

This shoe repairs Norwich service is ideal for leather shoes, Smart Image provides a specialised shoe stretching service for people experiencing stress from bunions, or are experiencing pressing on toes or other parts of the foot.

Toe Piece Replacement

If you are Walker or excessive use of your shoes has led to your toe cap piece being scuffed and worn, we can have it replaced and enhance the appearance to make it as good as new. This option is a cost-effective method and alternative to having a replacement done for a whole new sole. The toe piece often wears down quickly, especially on pointy shoes. Why not bring your shoes into Smart Image to add a toe piece and extend the life of the shoe significantly.

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Men’s Heel Build Up

A worn heel can affect the way you walk, ultimately impacting on your posture. Smart Image can replace or repair the heel to retain the shape of your shoe and avoid further damage to your favourites. Simply visit our store to fix your heel.

Protective Sole

Adding an anti-slip sole to your shoe not only prolongs the life of the shoe but also helps you avoid accidents in wet conditions.

At Smart Image, we provide this sole adding service to our valued customers.


Over the life of a shoe, seams can become frayed and leather ripped. Stitching is used to repair tears and rips, while patching is used to repair serious damage to shoes by replacing leather.

Monitoring the need for stitching and patching will extend the life of the shoe. Don’t leave these repairs too long, bring them into Smart Image, and wear your favorites for longer.


Did you know that leather shoes can be stretched up to half a shoe size! Don’t be uncomfortable or throw away shoes that are just a little too small in the toe or body.

Smart Image will put your shoes on a stretching machine to make a world of difference to new shoes that are too small or too tight.

Toe Piece Replacement

Shoes can eventually become scuffed and worn after repeated use. At Smart Image, you can have the toe piece replaced in order to make your shoes look as good as new and extend the life of your favorites.

Additional add on services are available to have your shoes looking their best again.


Shoe Repairs Norwich – A Complete Range of Solutions

We handle all types of shoe repairs from patching to replacement. Instead of tossing the shoes in the bin, see if our services can help. So consider bringing them in for the full treatment with Smart Images premium shoe repairs Norwich service.

Replace Or Repair Worn Or Broken Heels

Heels take a lot of abuse, absorbing most of the impact as you walk. Constant use wears the heel down, which can impact your balance and posture. Allow us to replace the heel block to ensure that your feet receive the support they need.

Along with heel replacement or build-ups, you may need heel block repairs. Small scratches or tears from the heel’s leather can make your favourite shoes less attractive. A loose or wobbly heel may also cause more damage to the shoes. We can fix these issues and even improve the discolouration of the block.

Replace Worn Or Damaged Shoe Parts

Shoes have a variety of components that may become worn with repeated wear. The buckle on a pair of heels or loafers may break or become loose. Straps on your shoes may also become broken, torn, frayed, or discoloured. Also, elastic gussets on boots that help maintain a snug fit may become broken or loose. Zippers on shoes, boots, and bags may break or get stuck.

Smart Image shoe repairs Norwich has experience handling each of these problems. We can fix your shoes or bags, so you can get more use out of them.

Patching, Stitching, And Gluing Services

Patching, stitching, and gluing are also common types of shoe repairs. We can often patch small holes, tears, and rips in the lining of heels or the upper part of shoes.

The stitching on your shoes may also become frayed or undone. Another common issue is the loosening of the glue that holds the upper shoe to the sole. Allow us to mend these problems before your shoes fall apart.

Protect Your Shoes From Water And Stains

Stepping in a muddy puddle or spilling wine on your shoes can cause permanent damage or discolouration. We have a professional treatment to help shield your shoes from water and stains.

Our water and stain protector reduces the risk of damage from watermarks, spills, mildew, mould, and discolouration.

Keep Your Shoes Clean With Buff And Polish Services

Along with shoe repairs, we offer shoe buffing and polishing services. We clean your shoes and then use nourishing shoe polish to bring out the natural colour of the leather or suede material. Smart Image then buffs the shoes to give them a good shine.

Premium Polish Repair Services

Smart Image provides a premium scratch and polish repair service for your most expensive pairs of shoes. With this premium service, we use the best leather restorer products, including waxes. Maintaining your shoes with our scratch, polish, and repair service extends the life of your costly loafers.

Give Your Shoes A Fresh Look With Our Re-Colouring Service

Even if your shoes do not need repair, you may grow tired of the appearance of your shoes. We have advanced methods for helping to re-colour certain types of shoes, allowing you to match them to a new outfit or simply give them a fresh look.

Eyelet Repair Or Replacement Services

The eyelets are the holes punched in the upper of the shoe for threading the laces. Many shoes have plastic or metal grommets that reinforce the small holes. If the grommet breaks, it may damage the laces or the fabric around the eyelets. We can replace the eyelets or make them bigger to accommodate special laces.

Why Choose Us for Shoe Repairs in Norwich, Norfolk?

Our experience ensures that your footwear is in good hands. We also have an extensive range of shoe repair services, covering any type of damage or shoe style. Additional advantages include:

  • Over 50 years of experience
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Free pickup and drop-off service
  • Service for both Norfolk and Suffolk
  • Affordable rates for all shoe repairs

No matter if you need to replace worn parts of the shoe or stitch frayed threads, our team delivers quality repairs. We can even pick up and drop off your shoes, giving you the most convenient way to maintain your shoes.

Contact us today to schedule shoe repairs NorwichNorfolk!

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