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Rugs are made of all different fabrics, and they get dirty over time. The fibers can absorb all kinds of pollutants from the environment, and dirt can get embedded deep inside. It is important to use a rug cleaning service in Norwich to clean your rugs and make sure that they are looking at their best. Rugs are made of different kinds of materials, from silk to wool or cotton, and they require different types of cleaning depending on how they are made. Our rug cleaning in Norwich service can attend to all of your rug cleaning needs.

Protect and clean your rugs with the professional rug cleaning Norwich. Allow us to remove dirt, debris, and stains from your precious rugs, including high-quality oriental or Arabic rugs.

Why Should You Have Your Rugs Professionally Cleaned?

Vacuuming your rugs may not get rid of all the dirt and debris. It can also harm the fibres of the rug, leading to fraying and worn threads. Instead of vacuuming, some rug owners attempt to wash their rugs by hand or in household washing machines. These steps may cause further harm, loosening, or shrinking the fibres which warp the shape of the rug. You may also notice that the colours start to fade.

Attempting to wash or vacuum a rug at home is simply not the most effective solution. To thoroughly remove dirt, stains, and odours without damaging the rug, you need professional cleaning.


We have the equipment and experience to clean all types of rugs, including rugs made with natural or synthetic fibres. Some of the types of rugs that we frequently clean are discussed below.

Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are often expensive and may be antiques. The delicate fibres require gentle cleaning processes. When vacuuming an oriental rug, a screen should be placed over the rug for protection. Along with frequent vacuuming, experts recommend professional cleaning at least once a year.

Arabian Rugs

Arabian rugs are a type of oriental rug featuring traditional Arab rug-making processes. These rugs are often made from sheep’s wool and other natural materials. The result is a soft, luxurious rug. However, the soft natural fibres need special care, which we can provide.

Machine Woven Rugs

Machine woven rugs are mass-produced in factories. They are often more affordable compared to handmade Oriental rugs or Arabian rugs. Machine woven rugs also tend to be more durable, but they still require regular cleaning. Consider professional rug cleaning Norwich at least once per year.

What Does Your Rug Cleaning in Norwich Service Entail?

When you use our rug cleaning in Norwich service, we will examine your rug to determine what kind of fabric it is made of. The cleaning process differs depending on how delicate the fabric is. We will also test the rug to make sure that the colour doesn’t run or fade during cleaning. This way, we can make sure that your rug is cleaned with the safest and most effective process that is available.

We can come to your place and clean your rugs, or we can pick them up, clean them, and return them to you. It depends on what kinds of rugs you have and what is involved in the cleaning process. No matter which option you use, you can know that the professionals who are cleaning your rug will make sure that it is done the right way.

Rug Cleaning Process for Exceptional Results

rug cleaning

Rugs and carpets require different cleaning processes. Carpets are fixed to the floor and need to be cleaned where they are using specialised equipment. Rugs also require specialised equipment for proper cleaning. However, you can easily pick up and move a rug.
Due to the portability of a rug, you do not need to clean it at home. We can pick it up, clean it, and drop it off at your location, providing the most convenient option for maintaining your rugs. Our rug cleaning process typically involves the following steps:

  • Pre-wash inspection
  • Colour and dye test
  • Dusting
  • Spot treatments
  • Full bath submersion
  • Conditioning rinse
  • Drying process

We first inspect your rug to detect signs of wear and tear. We then test the colours to ensure the dyes do not run during cleaning. After hanging and dusting the rug, we submerge it in water to thoroughly clean it. It is then conditioned and allowed to dry.

Local Rug Cleaning in Norwich at Affordable Prices

If you want to keep your rugs in top shape and protect against damage, bring them to us. We offer convenient rug cleaning Norwich with the following advantages:

  • Over 50 years of business in the area
  • We are committed to customer service
  • Affordable rates for all types of cleaning
  • Our services are both Norfolk and Suffolk

We also provide a free pickup and drop-off service. We make it easier for you to maintain your favourite rugs.

How to Use Our Rug Cleaning in Norwich Service

It is simple to use our rug cleaning in Norwich’s service. You only need to call in and speak to a member of our team. If you don’t know what the material is, our professional rug cleaners can let you know when they examine your rug. You can discuss whether you want the rug picked up or cleaned at your place.

At Smart Image Dry Cleaning, we offer a rug cleaning service to our local customers. Our professionals have years of experience in cleaning all kinds of rugs, and we can make sure that your rug is cleaned using the safest and most efficient method.

When Is Rug Cleaning Necessary?

Over time, rugs absorb all kinds of dirt, debris, and pollutants from the environment they are in. People walk on them every day, and their shoes leave dirt and other debris behind. It is necessary to have your rug cleaned from time to time. You might have stains from spills, or your rug may not look dirty at all, but it still needs to be cleaned.

Smart image rug cleaning Norwich can help to reduce allergies and other air quality issues. If you have pets in your home, pet dander and hair can get trapped deep in the fibers. Cleaning your rugs on a regular basis helps to ensure that your home or office is free of pollutants and other contaminants. Your rug will last longer and look better if you clean it regularly.

Why Us?

If you have rugs, you can maintain them best with a regular cleaning schedule. The longer your rug sits with contaminants embedded in the fibers, the harder it is to remove them. When you use our rug cleaning in Norwich service, you don’t have to worry about hidden allergens. You will know that you are taking care of your rug, and it will last longer.

Here at Smart Image, we know rugs, and we understand the importance of cleaning them and keeping them looking their best. Our trained professionals can determine what material your rug is made of, and they know the best products for cleaning it safely and effectively.

Smart Image Dry Cleaning: Leave It To The Experts

Rugs take a beating every day because people walk on them and track dirt in on their shoes. They also pick up pollutants from the environment, including pet dander, debris, and polluted air. Over time, these contaminants make their way into the fibers of the rug, and they will reduce their quality if you don’t schedule regular cleanings.

Our rug cleaning Norwich can solve your problems. At Smart Image, we have experience in cleaning rugs, and we make the process simple, fast, and effective. We know how to make sure that your rugs are cleaned safely and effectively so that they last longer. Get in touch with us today!

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