Dry cleaner services come in handy for all those who are particular about their clothes and wish to keep their clothes in good condition for a long time. It is equally helpful for individuals who are busy in the chaos of business, and office routines; dry clean services work best for all such people as these services eliminate the stress of washing clothes, drying ironing, etc.

The maximum effort one has to make is in sending the clothes to the laundry, this problem, too, in most conditions is solved by the company by providing a free pick-up service. This brings us to our today’s agenda; Eaton is a town in Berkshire, UK, and had a population of 4692 as per the 2011 census so finding the right dry cleaner service might seem like a task but worry not as we have decided to take up this task. Therefore, this article is dedicated to searching and listing the best dry cleaners Eaton.

Top 5 Dry Cleaners Eaton

1. Smart Image Dry Cleaners Eaton

The Smart Image Dry Cleaners Eaton is among the top-rated dry cleaners services companies; with a 24 x 7 free delivery service and affordable price rates laundry heap has made a good reputation in Eaton.

The company provides the quickest services by delivering the standard laundry within 24 hours of the pick-up date. Moreover, the company has many professional workers who pay special attention to all your clothes and materials.

Work process:
  1. Line up your garments and stuff pick-up.
  2. Pack your laundry. The company uses per-bag service charges but there is no limitation on bag weight.
  3. Free pick-up by the company’s driver
  4. Get your laundry delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours.


2. Prime Laundry Eaton

Our next pick is Prime laundry services with economical price rates and flexible services. Apart from dry cleaner services; they also provide a series of other functional facilities such as washing, clothes alterations, shoe repairing, ironing, etc.

Furthermore, the easy and free pick-up and delivery services around Eaton have been the sole factor for their increased customer reach. Today, the company is successfully been ranked as excellent by Google for positive responses and feedback from customers.

In addition to this, they have a 24×7 dedicated team always ready to listen to your queries and the customers can also check lives updates of their order.

Work process:
  1. Schedule a pick-up of your clothes and stuff.
  2. The company’s driver will pick up your collection from your doorstep.
  3. The clothes are delivered, to your doorstep, within 24 hours at your asked time without delivery charges.


3. Lily Wash & Dry Cleaners Eaton

For everyone in Eaton, lily wash and dry cleaners Eaton is a good recommendation. They can cater to most of your dry cleaner services ranging from your day-to-day garments to heavy household stuff like carpets, curtains, etc. All you need to do is hand them your laundry items and pick up washed, dried, ironed, and perfectly folded items back. For clothing wear such as dress shirts, coats, etc the customers receive perfectly dry cleaned, dried, neatly ironed, and hanging garments back.

The designer wears are treated in a separate section dedicated to delicate cleaning and services.

The company claims to have edge-cutting pieces of equipment and professional personnel are capable of handling your garments and clothes, using first-grade detergents and top machinery for perfectly dry-cleaned clothes and material.

They provide a range of other services as well such as clothes alteration services, restyling, bridesmaids dress alteration, children’s clothes alteration etc

Work process:
  1. No pickup or delivery service so the customers are asked to leave or send their laundry themselves.
  2. Apart from usual items such as clothes, trousers etc household items such as carpets, and curtains are also cry cleaned
  3. Customers can pick up their laundry within 24 hours


4. Solent cleaners

Solent cleaners are an affordable, small local business for everyone in Eaton. Solent cleaners is a family-owned laundry and textile care company with expertise in the domestic and commercial laundry. Moreover, the company has been rated 5 out of five stars for satisfactory services from the customers.

Apart from dry cleaner services, there are a whole lot of other services that one can benefit from as well such as all types of clothes alterations, mending services, leather repairing services and zipper replacements etc.

Work process:

  1. Customers are required to deliver their laundry and pick it up after the clothes have been dry-cleaned or have gone through the selected service.
  2. The business remains closed on Sunday.
  3. Accepts android, apple, and debit card payments.



The busy life and work schedules can be prevented from the added stress of garments, fabric, and other textile cleanings by selecting the appropriate Dry cleaner services for oneself. We have listed some of the top dry cleaner services in Eaton that provide the most reliable services in town however, the final choice is yours.


Frequently asked questions

Can dry cleaning cause clothes to shrink?

No. the dry cleaning does not cause any shrinking. Instead of regular water wash, dry cleaning uses a chemical solvent for both cleaning and drying the items.

What clothes do not require dry cleaning?

Fortunately, today most clothes are made out of durable materials that can withstand the usual machine washing but dry cleaning generally saves clothes from color fading. However, certain cotton, polyester, and yarn material items require dry cleaning. See the tag on your clothes to see if they require dry cleaning or not.

What are the Benefits of Dry cleaner services?

Dry cleaners Eaton services are mandatory for clothes that cannot be directly washed in a washing machine, likewise, these services also benefit the clothes’ material and quality. Here is how you can benefit from the dry cleaner services:

  • Frequent wash can fade the color of clothes so dry cleaner services benefit clothes by restoring and keeping the brightness, color, and softness of fabric intact.
  • You send off your dirty and crinkled clothes and receive clean, ironed, neatly folded clothes in clear, dust-free garment hanging bags.
  • The dry cleaner services especially benefit voluminous and heavy materials and things such as carpets, curtains, drapes, etc. these materials are difficult to wash at home so dry cleaner services are a suitable choice for getting such things washed.
  • These services are very helpful for removing stains off the fabrics and clothes; stains you are unable to remove at home.
  • Smart Image Eaton Dry cleaners have experience and knowledge of handling clothes and fabrics so they give your clothes the right attention.



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